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Doing new things for the first time can be quite daunting. Even when you try something for the first time in a while, you can feel a bit apprehensive!

For many, visiting a church, can feel like this! We try to make our Sunday meetings as welcoming and understandable as we can. We hope you find the following information useful!

What does a Sunday meeting look like?

Our Sunday meetings start at 1pm and finish by around 3pm. After a short welcome, we usually kick off with a time of singing songs of worship led by a band. Following a short break for notices, we have some Bible teaching from one of the leaders of the church or a guest speaker.

You’ll find that the style of worship is quite informal, and people in the church contribute freely by reading from the Bible, praying, or bringing a word of encouragement.

You are very free to stand, sit, kneel; to take part or to simply observe. Please join us in singing if you know the words. To help you, you’ll find the song words are displayed on the screen.

Do you take communion?
We take communion roughly once a month, usually following a message from the Bible. Ge​nerally we stand together and believers will take bread and wine to celebrate what Jesus has done for us in his death and resurrection. In response to the message that has been brought, we will then often stand together and have another short time of singing songs of worship, usually follow​ing this there will be an opportunity to receive prayer.
What style of message is communicated?
Here at KICC The Lighthouse we tend to work through a series of messages that follow a book in the Bible or a particular theme. These messages usually last between 40-50 minutes. You can visit our media section to listen and download past messages. Every Sunday we seek to communicate the Word of God in a way that is both practical and relevant to our daily lives.
Can I receive prayer?
If you would like to receive prayer for any concern or illness you may have, there will be people available at the end of the meeting who will be very happy to pray with you. If you would like someone to pray for you today please contact our church office:
Welcome booklets & keeping in touch
When you arrive a member of the welcome team should give you a small brochure which will give you some more information about KICC The Lighthouse. If you don't receive one please ask! Inside this brochure is a "Let's Keep In Touch" card. We'd love to keep in touch with you if you'd like that, so please do fill in the card with your contact information. Don't worry you'll be reminded about this during the meeting and you can hand these to the welcome team before you leave.
Activities for children & youth
On Sundays we host a full range of activities for children and young people and you can find out more on the relevant pages on this website
What kind of people attend?
People from every background imaginable attend KICC The Lighthouse, we accept people wherever they are in life, so our Church is filled with people just like you
What should I wear?
Come as you are! The dress ranges from casual to professional
What kind of music can I expect?
With a wide variety of contemporary praise and worship, our Sunday mornings are an upbeat time of celebration and reflection.
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